Alkieman Custom Jointing

Jointer in action

Alkieman Custom Jointing was formed in June 1989 as a finger jointing plant with a small Grecon Jointer producing approximately 9 m3 of custom product per shift, including finger jointed plywood. 

By 1997, the demand for custom work had grown to such an extent, that the jointer was upgraded to a Lakeland Batch Jointer, which is capable of a much higher production and better quality timber.
The increase in demand also brought a move from the existing factory on the Kinleith Industrial site, to our current location a 10 acre factory site in the town of Tokoroa.

Currently we have 2 finger jointers operating: the Lakeland Batch Jointer and a Western Pnuematic jointer with a total production capacity of approximately 2500 m3 per month. With the 2 finger jointers, we can offer both joint types I.E. Horizontal and Vertical in 4 mm Micro joint up to 10 mm Structural joint, using Melamine or Resorcinol glue.

The Lakeland Jointer is currently working on a two shift basis and the Western Jointer on one shift.
Lengths produced range from 1.8m up to and including 7.2m with an option of precision cutting to length E.G. 2.110 m +/- 1 mm

During its inception in 1989, Alkieman were solely custom processing, where currently, 60% of our production is custom processing and the balance is in supplying our own end product to specified customer requirements.

We offer a full range of custom processing and finished products including untreated mouldings, handrails and LOSP treated pre primed weather boards, moulds, fascias, DAR (dressed all round) boards for the Domestic and International markets.

To enable the efficient packet tracking and documentation flow on our site, we have a central data based packet tracking system which allows us to identify each customer's product through out the processing cycle.

Alkieman Custom Jointing has been certified by the NZ Timber Certification Board, licence number 2621, for AS/NZ1491, AS/NZ1328, AS5068 and AS5069. We are also certified for NZ Biosecurity Export Certification standards in phytosanitary and Wood Packaging ISPN 15.

Our Senior Production Management have a combined total of 53 years experience in the Timber Industry, with our timber machinists combining 23 years experience running and maintaining the finger jointers. The depth of experience, skill and knowledge of our staff, is defined by the many satisfied customers, the high quality of timber produced and the pride held in this family based operation