About Alkieman Industries


Alkieman Custom Jointing was formed in June 1989 as a custom jointing plant with a small Grecon Finger Jointer doing approx 9 m3 per shift based at the Kinleith Industrial site south of Tokoroa

By 1997, due to demand, the finger jointer was upgraded to a Lakeland Batch Jointer capable of much higher production and better quality timber.

Once again, due to demand, we moved from the existing factory, to our current location a 10 acre factory site in Tokoroa.

Currently we have 2 finger jointers, an upgrade Lakeland Finger Batch Jointer and a Western Pnuematic with a total capacity of approx 2500 m3 per month.

With the 2 finger jointers, we can offer both joint types I.E. Horizontal and Vertical in 4 mm Micro joint up to 10 mm Structual joint, using Melamine and or Resorcinol glue.

The Lakeland Jointer is currently working on a two shift basis and the Western Jointer on one shift.
Lengths range from 1.8m up to and including 7.2m and an option of precision cutting to length E.G. 2.110 m +/- 1 mm

From 1989, where we were solely custom processing to currently where we are working with 60% of our production used in custom processing and the balance in supplying our own product to customer requirements.

We offer a full range of products from Custom processing to finished products, untreated mouldings, handrails and LOSP treated pre primed weather boards, moulds, fascias, DAR boards for the Domestic and International markets.