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Alkieman Industries is a group of timber processing companies on a 10 acre site, located at 11 Balmoral Drive, Tokoroa, New Zealand.

On this site there are 3 companies, Alkieman Custom Jointing Limited, BBC Precision Machining and Clear Running Limited.

Although each company runs as a separate entity, they work together to provide a service to the timber sector, with a complete package which includes, timber machining, defecting, finger jointing, LOSP treating, priming and packaging for domestic and international markets. As a group, all companies on the Alkieman Industries site understand the importance of working together to promote and ensure a sound health and safety management programme, where all staff and management are committed to achieving the safest workplace possible. This combined effort, along with industry best practice, quality checking systems and controls, is paramount in providing a safe and healthy place to work, where staff are able to provide high quality timber products for all our customers.


Alkieman Custom Jointing was formed in June 1989 as a custom jointing plant with a small Grecon Finger Jointer doing approx 9 m3 per shift based at the Kinleith Industrial site south of Tokoroa. By 1997, due to demand, the finger jointer was upgraded to a Lakeland Batch Jointer which is capable of much higher production and better quality timber.


Clear Running Limited was formed in 2000 as a custom defecting with 4 snip saws which were soon replaced by 8 Lakeland snip saws over the next 18 months. From 2000, the main purpose of Clear Running was to supply shook for Alkieman Custom Jointing Limited finger jointers.